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Hot Stone Massage

Some days work can be very rough. The power antidote of intoxicating stress is relaxation. Are you searching for the treatment of your stress, anxiety, insomnia, poor circulation, and muscle pain? Hot stone massage is the solution you ar elooking for. It takes away stress, calms the mind that causes anxiety, helps to induce sleep, and relieves muscle pain.

Hot stone massage is widely used in most healing spas nowadays. What is a hot stone massage? It is an ancient kind of healing using smooth heated stones during a massage session. Placement of hot stones on the body helps the tight muscles to release. Its relaxing effect brings a mental and spiritual wellness. The stones used are of a mineral basalt. Why basalt? It is a kind of igneous rock that came from cooled molten lava. Basalt stones contain iron and good heat retention properties that last for a long period of time. It is safe to use because they are smooth and usually flat.